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About Essay Help 24/7

Essay Help 24/7 has been catering the writing needs of thousands of students each year. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professional writers who produce the result oriented services for the students who need help with their essays and other assignments.

Our company is well equipped and has easy access to libraries, internet, and even presentation guidance if a student needs it. Just like the name of our company we provide 24/7 customer services to stay in touch with each one of our customer at his convenience. We offer all are writing services at the most affordable rates.

Stay Stress-Free & Enjoy Student Life!


Handpicked Experts

123 With a host of writers holding advanced degrees in their respective fields, we can handle any challenge you have to offer with the expertise it demands.


Support Managers

123 Constantly depleting our coffee reserves, our customer care managers have all the energy it takes to make your problems go away, whenever you need it.


System Engnieers

123 These are the guys who make sure that our system stays impenetrable no matter what, so that your data is safe and our contract is absolutely confidential.

100% legal & Secure

For the information of all those who are afraid of being cheated by the fake companies operating in the market, we are 100% legal writing service providers and can give our clients the proof of our legal status. All the students in need of help in their written assignments are welcome to use our services.

We guarantee all the students that the work that they assign to our writers will be quality writing that would be done by the writers who are qualified for the job, they will use impeccable English language, error free grammar and flawless punctuation. Our writers always produce unique content, so there is no chance of plagiarism.

The Story Behind Us


The Inception

Two university-mates out of a regular
dorm room started a mission to provide
essay help to students.


Hit 10,000 Clients

Intially It seemed tough but with time the number of students kept on incresaing and due to the trust those students have had on us, we continue providing quality essay writing help to everybody.


Support Team Got A Tortoise

As the time goes by, the competition in custom writing help industry grew fierce, But since we
kept the quality our priority, we never had any issue and so we got
ourselves a tortoise.


Hired Our 500th Writer

The overwhelming response and overall
success we'd reached didn't allow us
much time to hire our 500th in-house
expert custom writer on board.


Changed Our Looks

The old website and dashboard area for academic writers,
and customer goes away with time and we've treated
ourselves with a fancy new yet more powerful, user-friendly design

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